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Category Archives: Portrait

Perfect Provision

Writing these entries is not always an easy task, especially for this one. I’m looking at these photos and I’m wondering how to best give you a short background into who these people are. Are they in love? Are they married? Are they getting married?????? I’m struggling here because I can’t find the words to describe how amazing the situation is. I first photographed Kim and James two years ago, as shown here, while they were in the midst of their story. The story, I will not even attempt to tell in full here, but I will say that they adopted four beautiful children, all siblings, from Brazil. The process was long and arduous, but God prevailed. This is them, a year later.





And of course, the parents.

And the kids, one last time.

Bo, Brooke, & Cal :: Family

I was recently asked to photograph Bo, Brooke, and their little boy Cal. I’ve been meaning to photograph them for ages, but by the time we got around to it, they had a baby! We had a blast, of course. They’re just so easy to spend time with. Having the always wonderful Kay Walker as an assistant was invaluable, for her magical ways kept the baby smiling for the photos. In any case, here’s a sneak peak. You have to agree, they’re the cutest family ever!

Erika :: Senior

Location – New Haven
Occasion – Senior Portraits
Comments – Erika was pure awesomeness. She didn’t take herself too seriously and had the most genuine smile. All I had to do was take the pictures.


portrait :: audrey

Audrey’s mom wanted some pictures for their Christmas cards this year.  The twist was that they wanted pictures of Audrey with her horse William and her dog Berty.  They’re both sweet animals.  This was also the first time I was so close to a horse.  We didn’t get any frames with all three of them in the picture, but we got some good ones nonetheless.  Here they are just a few:

Henry’s First Birthday

Ben and Jill has a pretty awesome child. Ben and I were part of MOSH (Men of Science Hill) two years ago and it has been a pleasure knowing him and his little family. Henry was born a bit over a year ago and they’ve braved my photography a few times, so suffice to say, ‘lil Henry is one of my favorite subjects. Jill had asked me to photograph Henry for his first birthday and I was honored to be able to do so. The little guy LOVES to MOVE!!! I found myself rolling on the floor with him so that I can properly capture Henry in all of his form, including his now famous rolled tongue. I got some pictures that I really liked, and fortunately, Ben and Jill liked them to. I finally placed an order for the prints this week and I’m quite happy with how they’ve turned out. Here, see them yourself!