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Monthly Archives: October 2008

portrait :: audrey

Audrey’s mom wanted some pictures for their Christmas cards this year.  The twist was that they wanted pictures of Audrey with her horse William and her dog Berty.  They’re both sweet animals.  This was also the first time I was so close to a horse.  We didn’t get any frames with all three of them in the picture, but we got some good ones nonetheless.  Here they are just a few:

Free Senior Photo Session

As many of you know, I work with kids of all ages.  I found that a few of the high school seniors I know missed their senior pictures.  Heck, one of them sweated so badly during his senior session (it was hot) that he has to redo it.  Two of them thought it’d be neat if I took their senior pictures instead of using the school’s photographer.  We were all excited about it and starting to brainstorm some ideas that would really match the subject’s character.  I had a feeling the school would not accept outside pictures, so I asked one of them to check.  Lo and behold, I was right.  :-(

Anyways, I still want to do senior pictures, so I’m offering up a free session to the senior (in HS) with the most creative idea for what we’re gonna do.  Just leave them in the comments section. Let’s make this happen!

A Few Thank You’s

I really ought to thank Jenifer of Jenifer Lyn Photography for helping me get started. On that note, I really should thank Jeff of Jeff Turner Photography as well. It was during my good friend Jonathan’s wedding that I met Jeff. We were both in Jonathan’s “entourage,” which was his word for wedding party. It so happened that Jeff was getting ready to leave his day job and become a full time photographer, with weddings being one of his specialties. He learned that I had an interest in photography and felt that I had a decent eye for this stuff, so we got to talking about how to slowly build up a portfolio by photographing friends, family, and anything/anyone else I can get my hands on.

Well, fast forward to a few months later, I get a phone call from Jeff asking if I was willing to second shoot. Judging from how well I interacted with Jeff, I said why not, but he wasn’t asking for himself; he was asking for Jenifer since Jeff was busy the same weekend. Hesitant at first, I eventually said yes. I’ve second-shot for Jenifer twice now, and she has really encouraged me to continue develop my abilities and perhaps even pursue this further. Well, here we are. Thanks Jeff and Jenifer!

Networking is great, isn’t it? Well, here are some pictures I managed to snap while working with Jenifer. She’s great to work with!

Website = Live!!!

Well, it’s about time. I would like thank those of you who have supported me through my growth as a photographer. My website is finally live, though there are a few more things that needs to be tweaked. So far, it’s in good working order and I’m fairly happy with it. It can be seen here: Let me know what you guys think.

I’m really excited about how it turned out. I love the Client section. They will be able to proof and order pictures directly from the site; I can then fulfill the order and deliver prints. You’ll notice that there isn’t a biographical section yet. Well, as it turns out, I can’t seem to find a decent picture for that section. I figured it should be a picture of me, but I’m usually the one behind the camera. I’m also not very good at writing something about myself; something to tackle this week, I suppose.

For now though, I need some rest. Until next time, peace out.


in love :: james and kim

I asked James and Kim a few weeks ago if they would allow me to photograph them. They’ve always displayed such genuine joy and love with each other and I thought it’d be great if I could capture it. Kind as they were, they said yes. Since we hadn’t hung out in a while either, we decided to meet up for dinner last night at Kari Restaurant in New Haven, which serves up regional cuisine in New Haven. (If you haven’t gone, I recommend it.) James suggested that we go to the Storm King Art Center both because it was would be a beautiful autumn day and it is a place that fits well with who they are. The place is full of outdoor sculptures, and since I hadn’t been there before, I really didn’t know what to expect; nor did I know how to really incorporate the many pieces of art. The only piece of art that James and Kim mentioned ahead of time was a piece that allowed me to do this.


Alas, when we finally arrived, it was a brisk autumn day and the Fulltons were in constant show of their love and abundant joy. They really were fun to capture; Sara and I were very glad that we were able to spend the day with them. Best part was, we capped the day with some Popeye’s fried chicken…mmmh…Popeyes. Anyways, here are some snapshots from the day.