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Monthly Archives: November 2008

cutest baby in calgary contest

So a fellow photographer (in Calgary) entered his baby daughter for a contest.  Believe me, she is cute.  Check out the post here and please follow through to vote.  Thanks!!!

Cutest Baby in Calgary

love :: rob and myun-hwa

I got a call this afternoon from Rob asking me what I was doing.  In all honesty, I was getting ready to play some XBOX 360 with my friend Jim, but curiousity got the best of me and I asked him what he had in mind.  Well, he called because he and Myun-Hwa were hoping that I could take some photos of them for their Save the Date card.  That’s right, they’re getting married.  Woo Hoo!!! They’re both simply awesome.  I’ve known the two of them for several years now and they’re each wonderful in their own regard.  I am absolutely excited that they’re getting married. 

Anyways, I managed to squeeze in some XBOX time with Jim and time to photograph what was needed for Rob and Myun-Hwa’s Save the Date card (which is not shown). Rob and Myun-Hwa spent their first date flying a kite, hence the content of the pictures. It was cold. It was windy. The kite also took a while to set up; it was a tangled mess but Rob saved the day!  We ended up with 20 minutes of light. Here are just a few from this afternoon.  The processing is a bit different – going for the nostalgic feel, I suppose.  Let me know if it’s working.  :-p

love :: james and mina

I had a blast today with James and Mina around the Yale campus.  They saw my work and wanted photos for themselves and for their parents.  They felt that Yale really helps define them as a couple, so off to Yale we went.  I don’t think I did Yale any justice in these pictures…sigh, but I hope they were at least good pictures of the two of them.  During our shoot, I mentioned that it’d be great if I coud get them onto the roof of a building.  As it turns out, they have access where they live. You’ll see those towards the end. Here are some of the pictures from the preliminary edit. Let me know what you think!

i have no idea what they were doing

i have no idea what they were doing

they asked for this one

they asked for this one

cant decide between these two

can't decide between these two