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About Ken

Thank you once again for visiting my blog. Now, a lil’ bit about myself.

I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand.  My first camera, like most people’s, was a 35mm point and shoot.  Quite honestly, I really did use it to just “point” and “shoot.”  It wasn’t until my hiking and backpacking days that I began to appreciate the ability of cameras to capture and render what the eye has seen.  My love for photography grew out of that desire to capture what I cannot bring home with me on these ventures into the wilderness: the tranquility, the beauty, and the magnificence.  That was also when I first began to photograph with a film SLR and fell in love with what a real lens can do.

I eventually bought myself a digital SLR after a long hiatus.  Due to the nature of the digital medium, it opened up a world of possibilities given the ability to quickly learn from my mistakes.  Alas, there aren’t as many mountains to photograph in Connecticut as there were in my native California, instead I found myself photographing the people around me.  As it was with my desire to capture the majestic mountain landscapes to render both the power and serenity, I love and seek to capture not only the image of a person, but to tease out his character and his very essence.

So this is my journey; may you walk with me.